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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<api version="0.2" query-continue-offset="50">
    <Accessories label="Accessories" key="Accessories" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="2455" description="" />
    <Ages label="Ages" key="Ages" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="8904" description="" />
    <_PVAL label="Allows value" key="_PVAL" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0">
      <description en="[ &amp;quot;Allows value&amp;quot;] is a predefined property that can define a list of permissible values to restrict value assignments for a property and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <Appearances label="Appearances" key="Appearances" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="6018" description="" />
    <ArticleRating label="ArticleRating" key="ArticleRating" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="29458" description="" />
    <Author label="Author" key="Author" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="39" description="" />
    <Colour label="Colour" key="Colour" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="2375" description="" />
    <ColourHexValue label="ColourHexValue" key="ColourHexValue" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="83" description="" />
    <ColourID label="ColourID" key="ColourID" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="124" description="" />
    <ColourName label="ColourName" key="ColourName" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="85" description="" />
    <ColourType label="ColourType" key="ColourType" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="81" description="" />
    <_CONV label="Corresponds to" key="_CONV" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0" description="" />
    <_CDAT label="Creation date" key="_CDAT" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Creation date&amp;quot; is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the first revision of a subject and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <Creator label="Creator" key="Creator" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="2690" description="" />
    <Custom label="Custom" key="Custom" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="0" description="" />
    <DEPrice label="DEPrice" key="DEPrice" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="2399" description="" />
    <_dat label="Date" key="_dat" isUserDefined="" usageCount="421">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Date&amp;quot; is a [[Special:Types/Date|type]] and predefined property provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki] to represent date values." />
    <DesignID label="DesignID" key="DesignID" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="5357" description="" />
    <Developers label="Developers" key="Developers" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="194" description="" />
    <Directors label="Directors" key="Directors" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="60" description="" />
    <_UNIT label="Display units" key="_UNIT" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0" description="" />
    <_URI label="Equivalent URI" key="_URI" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Equivalent URI&amp;quot; is a [[Special:Types/URL|type]] and predefined property provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki] to represent URI/URL values." />
    <FeaturedReview label="FeaturedReview" key="FeaturedReview" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="8" description="" />
    <File label="File" key="File" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="0" description="" />
    <Genre label="Genre" key="Genre" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="181" description="" />
    <_SF_AF label="Has alternate form" key="_SF_AF" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0" description="" />
    <_SF_DF label="Has default form" key="_SF_DF" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0" description="" />
    <_LIST label="Has fields" key="_LIST" isUserDefined="" usageCount="0">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Has fields&amp;quot; is a predefined property to define a list of properties used with a [[Special:Types/Record|record]] typed property and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <_ERRP label="Has improper value for" key="_ERRP" isUserDefined="" usageCount="1262">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Has improper value for&amp;quot; is a predefined property to track input errors for irregular value annotations that was likely caused by type or [[Property:Allows value|allowed value]] restrictions and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <_ERRC label="Has processing error" key="_ERRC" isUserDefined="" usageCount="1264">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Has processing error&amp;quot; is a predefined property provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki] and represents errors that appeared in connection with improper value annotations or input processing." />
    <_ERRT label="Has processing error text" key="_ERRT" isUserDefined="" usageCount="1263">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Has processing error text&amp;quot; is a predefined property containing a textual description of an error and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <_ASK label="Has query" key="_ASK" isUserDefined="" usageCount="457">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Has query&amp;quot; is a predefined property that represents meta information (in form of a [ subobject]) about individual queries and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <_TYPE label="Has type" key="_TYPE" isUserDefined="" usageCount="78">
      <description en="&amp;quot;Has type&amp;quot; is a predefined property that describes the [[Special:Types|datatype]] of a property and is provided by [ Semantic MediaWiki]." />
    <ISBN label="ISBN" key="ISBN" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="82" description="" />
    <Image label="Image" key="Image" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="27219" description="" />
    <ImageOf label="ImageOf" key="ImageOf" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="95" description="" />
    <Img1 label="Img1" key="Img1" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="7162" description="" />
    <Img10 label="Img10" key="Img10" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="582" description="" />
    <Img11 label="Img11" key="Img11" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="518" description="" />
    <Img12 label="Img12" key="Img12" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="454" description="" />
    <Img13 label="Img13" key="Img13" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="406" description="" />
    <Img14 label="Img14" key="Img14" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="372" description="" />
    <Img15 label="Img15" key="Img15" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="338" description="" />
    <Img16 label="Img16" key="Img16" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="321" description="" />
    <Img2 label="Img2" key="Img2" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="5325" description="" />
    <Img3 label="Img3" key="Img3" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="3686" description="" />
    <Img4 label="Img4" key="Img4" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="2527" description="" />
    <Img5 label="Img5" key="Img5" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="1788" description="" />
    <Img6 label="Img6" key="Img6" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="1297" description="" />
    <Img7 label="Img7" key="Img7" isUserDefined="1" usageCount="1007" description="" />
  <meta limit="50" count="50" isCached="" />