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|Title =Re-Gou Ruby
|Image =Jchrkvnhvjkht.gif
|Theme =[[Adventurers]] [[Egypt]]
|Accessories =
|Variations =
|Years =[[1998]]
|Appearances =[[5958 Mummy's Tomb]]&lt;br /&gt;[[5978 The Secret of the Sphinx]]&lt;br /&gt;[[5988 Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins]]

The '''Re-Gou Ruby''' was a gem that was said to have great magical powers. It was protected by the dead [[Pharaoh Hotep]] in the [[Adventurers Egypt|Egypt]] subtheme of [[Adventurers]]. The Adventurers team and the villian [[Baron Von Barron]] are both trying to retrieve it while Hotep is trying to keep it for himself.

The ruby re-appears in the [[2020]] [[Creator]] [[18+]] set [[10273 Haunted House]]. The backstory for this set apparently confirms that von Barron ended up with the ruby, but upon completion of a portrait depicting him with his prize, he wound cursed by Pharaoh Hotep and driven mad. Von Barron also attempted to extract the power of the ruby using a resonator, but only ended up summoning two friendly spirits that haunt his manor.

== Appearance ==
* [[5958 Mummy's Tomb]]
* [[5978 The Secret of the Sphinx]]
* [[5988 Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins]]
* [[10273 Haunted House]]
[[Category:Adventurers Egypt]]
[[Category:Parts introduced in 1998]]
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|Title = Reabait
|Image = Reabeat.png
|Theme = [[Legends of Chima]]
|Variations =
|Accessories =
|Years = [[2013]]
|Appearances = ''[[LEGO Legends of Chima Online]]''

'''Reabait''' is a minifigure that appears in ''[[LEGO Legends of Chima Online]]''. He is a member of the Raven tribe who appears in all player outposts once they have completed the tutorial mission of the game. Talking to Reabait allows players to purchase Items.

*His name is a play on Rebate. This makes sense seeing that Chima's Salesmen are the Ravens. 

== Appearances ==
* ''[[LEGO Legends of Chima Online]]''

[[Category:Legends of Chima minifigures]]</rev>