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      <pt ns="0" title="Shit" timestamp="2017-12-05T01:31:36Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Prince JAR" timestamp="2017-07-31T16:36:14Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows: The Video Game" timestamp="2016-12-02T12:09:52Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Wiccan" timestamp="2016-05-02T01:46:51Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="1" title="Talk:Hulkling" timestamp="2016-05-02T01:46:35Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="3 Things About jail" timestamp="2015-12-30T23:41:06Z" level="autoconfirmed" />
      <pt ns="10" title="Template:Interlang" timestamp="2015-03-29T18:06:59Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="3 Things About Jail" timestamp="2015-03-07T01:36:48Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Tumblr inline n26mxac8G21r2duti.png" timestamp="2014-04-18T20:38:51Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="0" title="Hector Barbossa Jr" timestamp="2014-04-10T00:51:04Z" level="sysop" />
    <protectedtitles ptstart="2013-11-11T03:24:35Z" />