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Óin is a minifigure from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey released in November 2012. He appears in one set of the first wave of the The Hobbit 79004 Barrel Escape.


The Óin minifigure has short tan legs and a brown torso piece. The torso has printing present on the front depicting a thick belt with a large buckle. The hands are dark grey, most likely depicting gloves, and his head is flesh-coloured. It features black eyes with white dots for reflections of light and bushy grey eyebrows. A darker colour is used for features such as wrinkles and other markings on the face. Óin's face, while very detailed, is covered up mostly by his hair and beard piece. The hair section of the piece is grey and covers all but his mouth. at the top it flips up in a small half-loop, making it very distinguishable. The beard and mustache section is white and runs down his front as two braids that curl outward. Óin also wears a smaller variation of the normal minifigure cape.


Óin was a member of the thirteen dwarves under Thorin Oakenshield on a quest to reclaim their gold from the Dragon Smaug. He befriended Bilbo Baggins and traveled with the company on the quest for the Lonely Mountain. Óin did little to distinguish himself during the Dwarves's adventures in the wild, though he shared the same array of experiences as the others of the Company: captured in turn by Trolls, Goblins, Spiders and Elves. They eventually reached the distant Lonely Mountain and recovered it for the Longbeards.

He fought in and survived the Battle of the Five Armies and later settled in the Lonely Mountain where he most likely became rich and prosperous like his companions as they finally claimed the gold that was their birthright. Forty-eight years later, he went to Moria with Balin and the others to recover the realm of the dwarves of Durin's Folk. He later went off on his own to seek Third Deep and then turned back to the West-gate of Moria, or the Hollin gate, where the Watcher in the Water killed him.


  • His combined beard/hair piece is exclusive to him.
  • He is Glóin's brother and Gimli's uncle.
  • His name is incorrectly labled as 'Orin' in the Late Holiday 2012 Catalog.


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Oin (game)
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Along with his brother Gloin, Oin is a distant cousin of Thorin Oakenshield. A brave Northern Dwarf, Oin joins The Company of Thorin Oakenshield out of a sense of loyalty to his kin, and also because he has a substantial sum of money invested in the venture. Well read, with an enquiring mind, Oin is the healer among the Company, often applying an herbal salve of his own invention – which has since come to be known as ‘ointment’ after its maker. (Bet you didn't know that before!)


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