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10019 Rebel Blockade Runner is an Ultimate Collector's Series set of Princess Leia's Corellian Corvette, the Tantive IV. The set was heavy enough to require two stands to support it.

The Tantive IV appeared again in 2009, as a significantly smaller and simpler set—10198 Tantive IV—in the standard Mini-figure play series.


  • According to the UCS Promotional Poster, this set was retired in 2003.
  • The model is constructed of three subassemblies attached using Technic pins.
  • The cockpit is slightly out-of-scale compared to the rest of the ship. However, this would assume that 10019 is modeled after the Tantive IV, which is a CR90 Corvette. 10019 actually resembles a CR70 Corvette which makes the scale and proportions accurate. This may be why 10019 is called Rebel Blockade Runner and not Tantive IV. Whether 10019 was mistaken by consumers as the Tantive IV, or it was a reference error when the set was being designed is unknown. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Escape from the Empire in the Rebel Blockade Runner!

Slipping through an Imperial blockade is almost impossible — unless you're flying the Rebel Blockade Runner! With more than 1700 pieces, this Corellian corvette model is so detailed and realistic you'll be ready to launch your own covert mission against the Empire. Built to scale, the Rebel Blockade Runner measures 28" X 11" x 7" and features LEGO bricks in an all-new color — dark red. Add this amazing model to your classic Star Wars collection. Ages 14+. 1748 pieces.



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