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10041 Main Street is a LEGO Legends (Town) set released in 2003. It contains 622 pieces. It was originally released in 1980 (See 6390 Main Street). It includes one "T" and one straight road plates, a red and white car dealership w/ car, a blue and white building under construction, a tower crane that can rotate and has a working winch, a stakebed truck, a bench, a small food stand and several accessories including trees, flowers, signs, lights, a wrench, and a walkie-talkie. The set also includes eight minifigures: four construction workers, a chef, a policeman, a man with a cowboy hat, and a woman. All the minifigures included in this set have the classic smiley face.

Minifigures Included

6390 Chef.jpg
6390 Cowboy Hat.jpg
6390 Jacket.jpg
6390 Lady.jpg
6390 Police Officer.jpg
6390 Worker.jpg
A chefA minifigure in a cowboy hatA worker (Two appear in this set)A ladyA policemanA worker (Two appear in this set)

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A chef +
A minifigure in a cowboy hat +
A worker (Two appear in this set) +
A lady +
A policeman +
A worker (Two appear in this set) +
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