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10068 Santa is a Seasonal brick-built Santa Claus figure released in 2002. It contains 39 pieces.


The figure is two studs wide. His legs are made from cylindrical piece on top of flat 1x2 plates. One leg is in front of the other in a walking position. Santa's body is large and mainly red, with white lining at the base and through the middle. Two white studs depicting buttons are located in the centre, in a vertical pattern. Santa's right arm is at his side. It is tipped in yellow for a hand and is gripping a light grey sack of presents. His left arm is raised over his shoulder in a wave. A sliver of yellow is visible under a black piece representing a mitten. Santa's face is depicted by a white 2x1 brick with printing of a yellow face under hair, a beard and moustache, eyes and a red nose. A beard protrudes from underneath the face piece. Santa's hat is red and droops over the right side of his head. It is tipped in white.


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Add Santa to your holiday collection!
This happy Santa has a sack of toys for good little girls and boys all over the world!

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