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10074 Cross Axles is a Bulk Bricks set released in 2003. It contains 68 pieces, and various Technic parts. It is one of the sets included in K9916 Robotics Invention System Kit.


The set includes the following: four 2-stud axles, two 3-stud axles, four 4-stud axles, four 5-stud axles, four 6-stud axles, four 7-stud axles, two 8-stud axles, two 10-stud axles, two 12-stud axles, two #1 angle connectors, two #3 angle connectors, two #4 angle connectors, two #5 angle connectors, two #6 angle connectors, two 2-stud sleeve connectors, two universal joints, two sideways peg/axle connectors, two sideways axle/double peg connectors. (Incomplete) Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Axles for your LEGO model!

The axles you need for your LEGO model! Set includes: Universal Joint Grey x2 4M Cross Axle x4 6M Cross Axle x4 8M Cross Axle x2 12M Cross Axle x2 10M Cross Axle x2 Angle Element 157.5 degrees x2 Angle Element 112.5 degrees x2 Angle Element 90 degrees x2 Angle Element 180 degrees x2 Angle Element 135 degrees x2 Double Cross Block x2 Double Cross Axle x2 Cross Block x2 5M Cross Axle x4 Cross Block x2 Cross Block/Fork x2 3M Cross Block x2 7M Cross Axle x4 3M Cross Axle x4 2M Cross Axle with Groove x4 Toggle Joint x2 3M Cross Axle with knob x4 Catch x2 Catch with Cross Hole x2 Cross Axle Ext. x2 Cross Block 2x3 x2

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