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|Ages = 6+
|Ages = 6+
|Released = [[2003]]
|Released = [[2003]]
|Theme = [[Holiday]]{{si}}[[Seasonal]]
|Theme = [[Holiday]]|Theme2 = [[Seasonal]]

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10080 Angel is a Seasonal set released in 2003. Included are 33 pieces that build up an angel.

Description Edit

The angel has a white brick-built dress with a curved piece at the bottom, as well as other bricks for her body. She has white wings with several curved pieces which are on her back, and a yellow marked brick for her head. Behind the yellow head brick is a black 2x1x1 brick for her hair. A 2x2x1/3 black brick is on top of the yellow 'face' and black 'hair.' On top of this are two transparent white studs, and the model is then finished of with a 2x2 circular brick depicting a halo.

Notes Edit

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Add an angel to your holiday display!
This adorable set has not been available in over 10 years! Fun and easy to build, it's sure to brighten your season!

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