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10132 Motorized Hogwarts Express is a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban themed Trains set released in 2004. This was the third set that portrayed the Hogwarts Express. It featured a complete Hogsmeade Station, a locomotive with a tender (not included in the original Hogwarts Express sets), and a coach, as well as a circular train track and a speed regulator. Minifigures included are Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Professor Lupin, and a Dementor.

This was the first and only Hogwarts Express set where the train was motorized.


Hogsmeade station consists of a two-story building with a railway platform in front of it. The building consists of two detachable halves and contains a counter and a treasure chest on the ground floor. The first floor contains a table with a secret stash that contains a 1x2 tile printed with a money bag. On the platform are two lamp posts, one has a sign that reads "HOGSMEADE™", a table and a hand truck.


The Hogwarts Express consists of a steam locomotive, a tender and a single rail coach. The locomotive's boiler segment is hollow and the cover of the red section can be detached. The aft-most bogey of the locomotive contains the motor. The tender has a hollow compartment covered with a hatch at the front that contains a spider, a book and a suitcase. Behind it is a compartment that contains the coal (1x1 rounds) and a shovel. The rail coach has enough space for all three minifigures to sit inside, but features only little actual furnishing besides some bricks. The top part with the roof and the window rows can be detached to access the interior.

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  • The locomotive and the coach have the exact same design as the ones in the sets 4708 Hogwarts Express and 4758 Hogwarts Express. The coaches are completely identical while the locomotives have some small internal differences. The locomotive is completely hollow, while the other sets featured different internal mechanisms. The boiler sections of the locomotive here and in 4758 Hogwarts Express have their (black) front roofs completely closed while the cover of the aft (red) segment could be detached. In 4708 Hogwarts Express the roof of the boiler consisted of hinged panels and could be flipped open completely. Otherwise the outer appearance was identical. This set here was also the only one out of the three that featured a tender and a motor.
  • Hogsmeade station also appeared in 4758 Hogwarts Express, but that version consisted only of a simple platform.

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