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The 10134 Y-Wing Attack Starfighter is a Star Wars UCS set released in 2004. The set features a Y-wing starfighter, with intricate detailing and features that are usually present in an Ultimate Collector's Series set. It has a total of 1473 pieces.

A red astromech droid is included, along with a display stand and collector's card featuring the ship's technical details. The cockpit can also seat a Rebel Pilot, however one is not included with the set.


  • According to the UCS Promotional Poster, this set retired in 2006.
  • The set was supposedly discontinued in the beginning of 2007, but mysteriously appeared on the LEGO website in 2009 with the tag "Not Available", one day in February, it switched to "Call to check for product availability" for a day because 4 were found in stock, 3 were available to ship. This makes the real discontinuation date 2009


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