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10165 Elf Boy is a Seasonal Holiday set released in 2004. The set includes a 27 piece elf with green and white LEGO bricks that make up a present.


The set depicts a male elf sitting on a wrapped-up present. The present is a green box with white ribbon lines running through it in a cross. The elf bot has black boots and blue legs made up of a sloping 2x2 brick and two 2x1 bricks. His torso is red, with arms on either side tipped with yellow, depicting hands. The elf's head is turned to his ride side. The face is yellow and has two black and white eyes and a smiling mouth. A black 2x1 brick depicting hair is directly behind the face. Above that is a white-rimmed red Christmas hat that droops to one side. It is tipped in a white stud.


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Celebrate the holidays with this happy elf!
This smiling elf boy is sure to bring some holiday magic to your home this year! Quick and easy to build, he makes a wonderful decoration in this happy season.

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