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10186 General Grievous is a Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series set variation of General Grievous. It is 18-inch (46 cm) tall. This is the most recent Star Wars set to date to use primarily TECHNIC pieces.


General Grievous is the most recent "character model" from the Star Wars line. Unlike the other figures, it is poseable due to being constructed out of more than basic bricks.

The main model is constructed on top of a square base with a name plate. The top portion, an octagonal section, can rotate. It is almost entirely black.

The next portion of General Grievous is the legs. They are white and dark bluish grey. The feet are loosely connected to the base but they are not sturdily built and tend to fall apart. The knees and hips are hinged, allowing for angling of the upper legs and torso. Because of the structure of the feet, this feature can make Grievous imbalanced.

Above that section is the torso. The torso is unique in that is is more than just a white/dark bluish grey area - its centre is dominated by Grievous' heart, a Jedi Helmet and some dark red plant pieces covered in a trans neon green dome and some minimal armor. It also has breathing tubes. On top of the torso is the head, which has some range of motion. The head is stooped and has some parts above it to simulate how Grievous is always hunched over.

The arms, of which there are four, lack hinges but can be moved around - the arms' sockets allow for the arms to be rotated in an awkward manner, and the hands can be rotated in the same way. The arms all have claws to grip lightsabers, which are simple assemblies of some conical pieces, in the case of two lightsabers some rocket pieces, a long pipe piece, one SNOT brick, and a large number of trans neon green and trans blue cylinders. The hands grip them rather loosely and they fall out. In addition to that, the weight of the lightsabers causes the arms to tilt downwards over time.

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Face the might of the ultimate General Grievous!

The towering cyborg commander of the Separatist forces lives! Wielding lightsabers in each of his four robotic arms, General Grievous prepares to battle the Jedi Knights in a fight for the fate of the galaxy. Standing 18 inches (46 cm) tall on its rotating display base and plaque, this detailed and authentic Star Wars model features poseable hips and neck and a split-apart chestplate revealing Grievous' organs hidden beneath!

  • Includes translucent "light saber" elements!
  • Model features poseable neck, arms and hips!
  • Split-apart chestplate opens to reveal Grievous' organs!
  • Includes rotating display stand! Stands 18 inches (46 cm) tall with stand!


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