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10192 Space Skulls is a Factory set released in 2008. It contains the Skull mecha with 12 tentacles, a Skullfighter ship, a Hover Skull, a Skullbot, and four space pirate Minifigures, including Bob Skull. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Space Skulls are on the attack!

LEGO Space is landing with this special-edition LEGO Factory set, designed by a LEGO fan! The evil Space Skulls are out to loot and pillage the galaxy, and no space police had better stand in their way. Striking from a hidden asteroid base, they attack with their 12-armed Skullmecha command vehicle, Skullfighter ship with opening cockpit, Hover Skull troop transport, and the sneaky Skullbot with blaster and grasping claw!

  • Includes 4 space minifigures, plus a stickersheet to customize each minifigure! *Space Skulls have transparent red eyes and terrifying teeth!
  • Lift open to top of the Skullmecha to place a minifigure inside!
  • Skullfighter ship has sliding wings!
  • Open the mouth of the Skullfighter to put the minifigure at the controls!

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  • This set was designed by LEGO fan Mark Sandlin.

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