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10219 Maersk Container Train is an Exclusives Maersk Trains set that was released in 2011. It contains 1234 pieces to construct a Diesel Cargo Train and two Maersk container wagons with three containers and a lorry to transport them on. This is a follow up to the re-release of the Maersk container ship. It was designed by Pierre Normandin.

The set was released world wide except for South Korea, on April 1, 2011.



The main part of the train is a large blue non-motorized diesel-electric engine in the front. It is grey, blue, and white colour, and has the Maersk logo on both sides. It also has vents and other detailing on the roof and around it. The diesel engine is similar to the in the 10133 Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Locomotive. The sides can be opened up which reveals a highly detailed diesel/electric power engine. The back side has two signs that have the set number printed on them. The front (cab area) has a Maersk logo printed on it.


The set also comes with two intermodal train cars. They are, like the engine, blue, grey and white coloured. In the middle, there is a small space for the container to fit into. The containers can fit on the cars on the sides, double stacked or put on side ways from each other. One of the side pieces on the space for the container has Maersk written on it along with the logo. The cars can be added on to the engine by using the magnetic couplings on the front and back.


The truck is grey, blue and white coloured, just like the other vehicles, which are the colours of the Maersk company. The truck itself has a cab in the front, along with mirrors and a small side way to get in. It has the logo on the roof of the cab. In the back is a way to connect the trailer to the truck. The trailer has a large space to store the container.


There are three minifigures that come with the set. They have dark blue legs and torsos, and orange work vests. They also have blue hard hats. The first of them has a smiley face, second has a smiley face with glasses, and the third has a bearded face. One of the workers also comes with a spanner.


The set comes with three large Maersk containers. The first two are large and grey coloured. The third is white colored with refrigeration detailing, such as gauges and control panels. All three of them have two opening doors in the back and Maersk written on the sides, along with the logo.


  • This is the first Maersk train set.
  • This is the sixth Maersk-themed set.
  • The minifigure's torsos are exclusive to this set.
  • The locomotive is based on Norfolk Southern SD40-2 #3329, which was painted in Maersk colors for a time, however the locomotive in the set itself has been scaled down to a GP40-2. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

The highly-realistic Maersk diesel-electric freight train has arrived!

A replica of the real engine that operated on the railroads of America, this Maersk train features exceptional detailing and functions, such as opening driver's cab, removable side panel revealing a detailed, 16-cylinder engine, and authentic Maersk branding. The model also includes 2 wagons and 3 containers with opening doors (1 with refrigeration detailing). The set also includes a shunter truck and detachable trailer for loading and offloading the containers. Add LEGO® Power Functions to motorize!

  • Containers can be loaded side-by-side or stacked!
  • Includes 3 workman minifigures!
  • Train measures 36"" (92cm) long!
  • Building instructions include a historical description of the LEGO Group/A.P. Moller Maersk Group cooperation and a timeline of the products launched!
  • Motorize your Maersk train by adding LEGO Power Functions #8878 Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10V DC, #8884 IR Receiver, #8879 IR Speed Remote Control and #88002 Train Motor!

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