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10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United is an Expert set that was released on January 17, 2020.


Old Trafford comprises several large sections, beginning with the pitch. This structure is extremely simple, relying primarily upon five printed tiles which are situated across a rigid frame. Technic bricks provide adequate support to the East Stand and some unusual 1×8 slopes are positioned on either side. Several brackets are fixed across the internal wall alongside three conspicuous bars that are visible below. The tiered seating is designed using 1×2 grille bricks which are connected sideways and decorated with multiple stickers, replicating their actual appearance. Exactly the same technique appears prominently throughout this whole set and 345 red grille bricks are therefore distributed across the stadium. The Stretford End features similar building techniques, but the external design is different and there is colour variation in the stands. Technic elements are used in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. This structure exhibits various techniques which comprise the narrower stands, although the rounded corners are distinctive and make use of hinge plates. Construction becomes increasingly elaborate at each corner. Trans-light blue 1×2 bricks are stacked around the exterior and another layer is placed inside, displaying numerous exposed studs which are subsequently covered with seating. Exactly the same structure occupies the opposite corner before two enormous banks of seating are attached. The angled sections are assembled in three separate directions. While the lower tier is constructed with its studs facing towards the pitch, each upper level incorporates two halves which are fixed sideways with opposing orientations.Another substantial roof protects these seats and includes three large panels. The central section is relatively basic and connects to four hinges behind the seating while the curved panels on either side rest upon the stadium walls.

The final stand seems reasonably similar to its larger counterpart as the base is assembled, making further use of Technic elements which are hidden behind black bricks and light bluish grey tiles. Additional rows of seats are positioned inside the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand before the roof is placed over the top. Contrasting with the other structures, this roof is attached horizontally. Its construction is comparatively elaborate though, including numerous 1×1 brackets which link the curved panels to that in the centre. They also feature a new 1×4×2 2/3 curved brick that slots inside 1×1×3 1/3 arch bricks. Finally, the large stands are united with the remainder of this stadium. They are attached using blue Technic axle pins so can be disconnected easily, contrasting with the narrower stands that rely upon standard Technic pins instead.


Old Trafford is a football stadium in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, and the home of Manchester United. With a capacity of 74,879, it is the largest club football stadium (and second largest football stadium overall after Wembley Stadium) in the United Kingdom, and the eleventh-largest in Europe. It is about 0.5 miles (800 m) from Old Trafford Cricket Ground and the adjacent tram stop.

Nicknamed "The Theatre of Dreams" by Bobby Charlton, Old Trafford has been United's home ground since 1910, although from 1941 to 1949 the club shared Maine Road with local rivals Manchester City as a result of Second World War bomb damage. Old Trafford underwent several expansions in the 1990s and 2000s, including the addition of extra tiers to the North, West and East Stands, almost returning the stadium to its original capacity of 80,000. Future expansion is likely to involve the addition of a second tier to the South Stand, which would raise the capacity to around 88,000. The stadium's record attendance was recorded in 1939, when 76,962 spectators watched the FA Cup semi-final between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town.

Old Trafford has hosted FA Cup semi-finals, England fixtures, matches at the 1966 World Cup and Euro 96 and the 2003 Champions League Final, as well as rugby league's annual Super League Grand Final and the final of two Rugby League World Cups. It also hosted football matches at the 2012 Summer Olympics, including women's international football for the first time in its history.


  • This set has 72 stickers, which is one of the highest of the 2020 releases, second only to 75978 Diagon Alley.[1] Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Manchester United fans will love building this big LEGO® set model of Old Trafford (10272) to show their allegiance to one of the world’s most famous football clubs. The building set for this LEGO football stadium provides a fun challenge to create a spectacular showpiece model. The ultimate Manchester United gift Manchester United fans can show off this Old Trafford replica at home or the office. New for February 2020, this LEGO® Creator sports set coincides with the stadium’s 110th anniversary. This building kit for adults features several evocative details including the players’ tunnel and the statue of the United Trinity. Bring to life your passions with advanced LEGO® sets! LEGO® Creator Expert advanced building sets allow adults to construct models based on some of their biggest passions, including cars, buildings and stadiums. Once the challenging and fun building experience is complete, these collector models from building bricks make an eye-catching display at home or the office.

  • A spectacular building set for adults to create a detailed model of Old Trafford. The perfect Manchester United gift for fans who want to show their undying support by displaying this LEGO® football stadium.
  • A building kit of a 1:600 replica model of Old Trafford. This LEGO® football stadium provides a fun and rewarding project and allows fans to relive their cherished memories of Manchester United with this detailed model.
  • The first opportunity to construct a replica of Manchester United’s Old Trafford from building bricks. The LEGO® Football stadium makes for a stunning showpiece at home or the office.
  • This 3,898-piece big LEGO® football set for adults makes for a unique Manchester United gift. It offers escapism for builders with a long and satisfying project, and the chance to show their passion for their club.
  • The Old Trafford-Manchester United LEGO football stadium measures 6.5” (18.5cm) high, 18” (47cm) long and 15” (39cm) wide. The perfect size to feature authentic details including the players’ tunnel and a statue of Sir Alex Ferguson.
  • No batteries required for this advanced building set, so the final whistle will never blow at this LEGO® football stadium.
  • This LEGO® set provides the ultimate building experience, and for you to be guided through the rewarding process with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.
  • LEGO® Creator Expert model advanced building sets allow adults to indulge in challenging projects to create collector toys based on some of their biggest passions including cars, buildings and stadiums.
  • LEGO® building bricks have met the highest industry standards for over 60 years, ensuring they are always consistent, compatible and pull apart with ease every time.
  • You know you are safe with LEGO®. Our bricks and pieces have been relentlessly tested and meet the highest global safety and quality standards.


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