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10294 RMS Titanic is a Creator set that was released on November 1, 2021.


The RMS (Royal Mail Service) Titanic was one of of a trio of ships built by the White-Star-Line in the early 1900s, the others being the Olympic and Britannic. A luxury ocean liner, the Titanic embarked on its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, with over 2000 people onboard. Several days into the voyage, the ship reached a region of the Atlantic Ocean in which a number of icebergs were known to be present. As a result of several circumstances, the ship ended up colliding with one of these masses, resulting in catastrophic damage that caused the ship to begin sinking.

The ship lacked sufficient lifeboats to accomodate all persons aboard, though it had more than regulations of the time required. To make matters worse, several lifeboats were launched without being filled to capacity; as such, only 705 of the ship's passengers were saved in this manner. The rest perished either aboard the sinking vessel or after ending up in the freezing ocean waters into which it descended. The disaster became a media sensation, with a legacy that endures well over a century after the ship's loss.[1]


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