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10403 World Fun is a Classic set released in 2018 as a special set for the LEGO brick's 60th anniversary. It contains 295 pieces.


The set contains 295 pieces, and are used for multiple builds. There is a sundae build, complete with a straw on the top. There is a Mixels-looking creature as one of the main builds, with large googly eyes and a chest as the mouth. There is also an archway build, similar to Atlantean structures from DC Comics. There are two minifigures, including one female with a blue shirt and one male with an orange shirt. Accessories include a camera, trident, pair of flippers, helmet, walkie-talkie, chicken leg, map, flying helmet, glass, ice pop, fish, and a snake. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Help your child think bigger, build bigger and use their creativity with this special edition world-travelling LEGO® set, featuring a range of colorful bricks and elements, plus a unique 60th anniversary LEGO tile. No matter how big a child’s imagination is, expand it with LEGO bricks. This fun toy offers varying levels of building complexity, makes an excellent starter set for budding LEGO builders and includes 2 minifigures. What will your big thinker build?

  • Includes 2 minifigures.
  • Features a mix of bright and colorful LEGO® pieces that allow for open-ended creative play, special pieces including wheels, shapes and eyes, plus a special edition tile celebrating 60 years of the LEGO brick.
  • Let your child answer some of the biggest questions in the world with this special edition LEGO® set.
  • Provides varying degrees of building complexity to suit builders of different levels.
  • Accessory elements include a trident, pair of flippers, helmet, walkie-talkie, camera, map, flying helmet, chicken leg, glass, ice pop, fish and a snake.
  • This special edition fun toy is suitable for ages 5+.
  • Start building bigger thinking with LEGO® bricks!

Minifigures Included

Male MinifigureFemale Minifigure


  • The set is one of five sets released for the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick.
  • The set is the second largest of the Building Bigger Thinking sets.

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