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10725 Lost Temple is a Ninjago Juniors set. The set is currently available for sale in the United Kingdom and many other countries, including the United States, yet it wasn't released there until later 2016.

The set includes a small temple which contains the Sword of Fire and a snake helicopter with a grabbing claw. In terms of minifigures, the set includes new variations of Lloyd Garmadon and Jay and a currently unnamed Serpentine-like villain. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Join the adventure with Lloyd and Jay, as they fight to get to the Sword of Fire before the snake villain. Featuring Jay's blue dragon, the snake villain's helicopter, the Lost Temple with lava ball, and other accessories. This LEGO® Juniors set offers an easy start to building with the LEGO brick for ages 4-7, with easy-to assemble models featuring iconic Ninja adventures. Includes 3 minifigures: Lloyd, Jay and a snake villain.

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Lloyd, Jay and a snake villain.
  • Features The Lost Temple, Jay's blue dragon and the snake villain's helicopter.
  • Lost Temple features lava ball, swinging axe and spinning saw blade obstacles, opening gate and the Sword of Fire.
  • Jay's blue dragon features posable joints and space for a minifigure.
  • Snake villain's helicopter features spinning rotors, opening cockpit and rear door, and space for a minifigure.
  • Easy-to-follow building instructions included.
  • Helicopter measures over 3” (8cm) high, 4” (11cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.
  • Blue dragon measures over 1” (4cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 9” (23cm) wide.
  • Lost Temple measures over 4” (13cm) high, 6” (16cm) wide and 6” (16cm) deep.

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