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11008 Bricks and Houses is a Classic set that was released on January 2, 2020.


The set contains 270 pieces in a wide variety of colors including Black, Brick Yellow, Bright Blue, Medium Stone Gray, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Bright Purple, Bright Bluish Green, Bright Red, Bright Reddish Violet, Bright Yellow, Bright Yellowish Green, Dark Azur, Dark Green, Dark Stone Gray, Earth Blue, Earth Green, Flame Yellowish Green, Light Purple, Light Royal Blue, Medium Azur, Medium Lavender, Medium Lilac, Medium Stone Gray, Reddish Brown, Transparent, Transparent Light Blue, Transparent Medium Reddish Violet, Transparent Yellow, and White. It also includes a variety of parts including bricks, plates, roof tiles at various degrees, ridged tiles, reflectors, bricks with snaps, windows, doors, baseplates, various plants, cones, frames, plates with knobs, streamers, round bricks, angular bricks, wall corners, circular bricks, bricks with bows, arches, round plates, plates with slides, walls with double corners, whips, ice cream, and bricks with arches. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Children understand the importance of ‘home’ very early in their lives – so this LEGO® Classic Bricks and Houses set is an ideal way to introduce them to creative construction. As kids build, play and build again, they develop valuable skills that last a lifetime. Start kids building with this fun selection of LEGO houses Boys and girls aged 4 and up will love to assemble and play with these 6 easy-to-build LEGO models. There's a family home, a lighthouse, an igloo, a castle, a small house and a windmill to build. Simple instructions and cool features, such as turning sails on the windmill, make construction fast and fun. After making the models, there are even more bricks and pieces left for kids to create a dream home of their own. Develop key skills with LEGO Classic building toys LEGO Classic sets put ideas and inspiration into kids' hands. Fun models and simple guides get them started. As they discover the joy of constructing creations of their own, they acquire skills that are key to future success.

• Kids construct 6 very different places to live, then get creative and build their own dream home. After that? With unlimited imaginative play and free-building fun, anything is possible with this versatile toy.

• This 270-piece set builds into 6 places to live: a family home, a lighthouse, an igloo, a castle, a small house and a windmill. As kids progress to making their own creations, they develop skills that last a lifetime.

• Kids enjoy building and playing with their models, then when they design their own creations, the imaginative play skyrockets! The bricks and pieces also combine to extend the fun of other LEGO® toys.

• Boys and girls aged 4 and up will love this fun building kit. This educational LEGO® toy makes an ideal birthday or Christmas holiday gift for kids interested in constructing houses, windmills, lighthouses and igloos.

• The LEGO® Classic Bricks and Houses set is a great way to introduce kids to creative construction. For even more possibilities, combine with other LEGO sets.

• Battery-free, so the fun never stops! The endless creative play is powered by kids’ imaginations – which boosts critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the satisfaction felt when creating something “by myself”.

• Simple, clear instructions ensure kids get building the LEGO® starter models as soon as the set is opened. The more they play, the more their imaginations dream up exciting new possibilities.

• LEGO® Classic sets stimulate unlimited open-ended play with a wacky mix of bricks, pieces, ideas and inspiration. Developing kids’ creative-thinking skills has never been so fun and easy!

• All LEGO® toys meet the highest industry standards. This means they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart perfectly – and it's been that way since 1958.

• As well as meeting the highest global safety and quality standards, The LEGO Group drops, squashes, twists, heats, bends, scratches and stretches LEGO® bricks and pieces so you can be sure the toy is safe for your child.


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