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11009 Bricks and Lights is a Classic set that was released on January 4, 2020.


The set includes 441 pieces which are used to design various builds and two puppet hands. The set gives recommendations on what to build, such as a ghost, chicken, tower, and various faces. There are two LightBrick Shadow Casters, complicated builds with handles and two red Power Functions light bricks built into the middle of the handle. The handle has a long strip at the end, and an attachment where the builder can attach various models they build. When turned on, the light bricks will reflect the image of the build onto any background. There is a large variety of colors, including Black, Brick Yellow, Bright Blue, Bright Bluish Green, Bright Orange, Bright Green, Bright Red, Bright Reddish Violet, Bright Yellow, Bright Yellowish Green, Dark Azur, Dark Green, Dark Stone Gray, Flame Yellowish Orange, Light Purple, Medium Azur, Medium Stone Gray, New Dark Red, Reddish Brown, Sand Yellow, various Transparent colors, Warm Gold, and White. There are also various pieces such as plates, bricks, eye bricks, studs, roof tiles, bricks with holes and knobs, sticks, angle elements, various TECHNIC bricks, bricks with bows, roof tiles, cones, plates with balls and shafts, plates with outside bows, tiles, and corner plates. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Kids can get doubly creative with this fun LEGO® set. First by building cool models, and second by transforming them into shadow puppets using Light Brick Shadow Casters! From building bricks to shadow plays Kids aged 5 and up will be captivated when their mini-models become cool shadow images! Imaginations will run wild as images move, shrink and enlarge, inspiring endless storytelling activities. With 12 fun LEGO toys for kids to make – a castle, face, princess, bat, rooster, crook, pirate ship, owl, ghost, windmill, shark and a dinosaur – plus extra bricks to build creations of their own, anything can happen! And, when the 2 Shadow Casters come into action, the shadow plays never stop! Kids build skills as they design, display and create! LEGO Classic sets put ideas and inspiration into young hands. Simple guides for the fun models soon get kids started with their indoor activities. As they discover the joy of constructing creations of their own, they acquire skills that are key to future success.

• Introduce kids to fun construction with 12 mini-models – then watch them transform their model into an awesome shadow puppet! With 2 Light Brick Shadow Casters, the imaginative play possibilities are endless.

• There are 12 LEGO® toys to make – a castle, funny face, princess, bat, rooster, crook, pirate ship, owl, ghost, windmill, shark and a dinosaur – plus extra bricks for kids to build their own toys.

• Kids choose a model, build it, play with it, project its shadow, use the second LightBrick Shadow Caster to add another image and let their imaginations run wild as they invent cool stories with their shadow puppets!

• Great Christmas holiday, birthday or theater gift for kids aged 5 and up who would enjoy the endless creative pleasure of LEGO® brick building and shadow puppet storytelling.

• Measuring over 8” (22cm) long, the Light Brick Shadow Caster is ideal for small fingers to operate. As well as the 12 models to build, there are extra bricks left over for kids to get creative with models of their own.

• Light Brick batteries are included (2 x LR41), so kids can start projecting shadow shows without delay. And, of course, the hands-on model building is powered solely by children’s imaginations.

• Is this a gift for a new LEGO® builder? No problem! Simple instructions help them get started in no time. And if the instructions go missing, you can download a new set from

• LEGO® Classic sets stimulate endless open-ended play with a wacky mix of bricks, pieces, ideas and inspiration. Developing kids’ creative-thinking skills has never been so fun and easy!

• LEGO® toys meet the highest industry standards, so they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily – and it’s been that way since 1958.

• As well as meeting the highest global safety and quality standards, The LEGO Group drops, squashes, twists, heats, bends, scratches and stretches LEGO® bricks and pieces so you can be sure the toy is safe for your child.


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