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1128 Santa on Skis is a Seasonal set released in 1999. Included are 21 pieces, Santa, and skis.


Santa's skies are made out of a 2X8 white plate, with a white slope attached to the end. His legs are made out of two black slopes, one regular and one inverted, set atop of each other, and, in turn, set upon a 2X3 black plate. His arms are made of a 1X4 red brick, with 1X1 yellow bricks with hooks forming his hands. White lances are attached into the hands as ski-poles. His body is made out of a 2X3 grey plate, and a sloped 2X2 red brick. His head is made out of two 1X2 white brick, one of which has a jolly expression printed on it. His hat is made out of several red slopes, bricks, and inverted slopes.


  • A promotional release in Germany included chocolate milk.


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