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1129 Santa on Reindeer is a Holiday Seasonal set released in 1999. It includes 34 pieces.


The set consists of a model of Santa Claus riding a white reindeer. The reindeer has black feet, and legs made of 1X2 bricks attached to the bottom of inverted 2x2 white slopes. The body is made of several white bricks, and the head is set on a white plate; it is made of two 1X1 bricks with eyes printed on them, a small 1X2 black plate, and and black horns made out of two 1X2 plates set upon a 1X4 black plate. Santa is made out of two inverted grey slopes, forming his body, a single 1X2 brick for his body, and inverted red bricks set behind it for his arms. His head is built of two 1X2 white bricks, one of which is printed with a jolly expression. His hat is made out of red sloped bricks.


  • A promotional release in Germany included chocolate milk.


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