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11945 Steam Locomotive is a Creator polybag that was released as an exclusive giveaway on May 12, 2021.


The polybag includes 38 pieces, including one 2x4 Black plate, one 2x2 Black tile, one 1x2 Black plate with stick, two 1x3 Black bricks with bows, one 1x1 Black nose cone, three 1x4x2/3 Black plates with bows, two Black round plates with knobs, one Black 1x2 plate with vertical tube, two 1x2 Black plates with two knobs at each end, three 1x1 Black flat studs, one 1x1 Black plate with holder, three 2x2 Black bearing elements, two 1x3 Dark Green bricks, two 2x2 Dark Green round bricks, one Dark Green satellite dish, one 2x6 Dark Stone Gray plate, one 2x3 Dark Stone Gray plate, one 1x2 Dark Stone Gray angular plate with knobs, one Dark Stone Gray 1x2 plate with knob, one 2x2 Medium Stone Gray plate, four Medium Stone Gray rims, two Medium Stone Gray narrow rims, and one Transparent Red stud.


  • The polybag was released in Issue 8 of the 2021 version of the LEGO Explorer magazine.

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