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11946 Penguin is a Creator polybag that was released as a promotional giveaway on April 7, 2021.


The polybag includes 48 pieces, including a Black 1x2 brick, two Black 2x3 plates, three Black 2x2 plates, two 1x2 Black tiles, one Black 2x4 right plate, one Black 2x4 left plate, one Black 2x6 brick with bow, one 1x2x2/3 Black roof tile, two 1x1 Black bricks with knobs, two 2x4 Black angular plates, three Black 2x2x2/3 plates with bows, one Black 1x2 plate with knob, two Black 1x2 bricks with knobs, two Black swimfins, one 1x2 Black rounded plate with knobs, one 1x1x2/3 Bright Orange roof tile, one 1x1 Bright Orange plate, one 1x2x2/3 Bright Orange plate with bow, one 1x1x2/3 vertical Bright Orange brick with knobs, one 2x2x2/3 Bright Yellow plate with bow, two 2x2 Dark Green plates, eight 1x1 Medium Blue brick with knobs, three 2x2 Medium Stone Gray plates, one White 2x2 plate, two 2x3 bricks with bows, and two round White eyelash tiles.


  • This polybag was released with Issue 7 of the 2021 version of LEGO Explorers magazine.

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