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11948 Carnivorous Plant is a Creator polybag that was released as a promotional giveaway on July 7, 2021.


The polybag includes 43 pieces, including a 4x4 Black round brick, three 1x2 Brick Yellow plates, two 3x6 Bright Red corner plates, two 2x3 Bright Red bricks with half bows, two Bright Yellow studs, one Bright Yellowish Green 2x2 plate, one Dark Green 2x2 plate, one 1x2 Dark Green tile, two 1x2 Dark Green inverted roof tiles, one Dark Green round brick, two Dark Green plates with sticks, two Dark Green leaf elements, four 1x1x1x1/3 Dark Green bricks with arches, two Earth Green 2x1x2 roof tiles, one 2x2 Dark Green roof tile, two Medium Stone Gray taps, four Reddish Brown 1x2 plates with holders, four White studs, four White horns, and two White eye tiles.


  • The polybag was released as a promotional giveaway in Issue 10 of LEGO Explorer.

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