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11950 Racing Car is a Creator polybag that was released as a promotional giveaway on March 11, 2021.


The polybag includes 34 pieces, including two Black 1x2 plates, one Black 1x2 plate with spoiler, four Black tires, two Black 1x2/1x4 angle plates, one Black fender, two Black 2x2 plates with bearing elements, one Bright Red 2x2 flat tile, one Bright Red 2x6 plate, two Bright Red 1x4x2/3 plates with bows, one Bright Red 2x2x2 plate with bow, two Bright Red 1x2 plates with vertical grips, one 2x8 Medium Stone Gray plate, one 2x2x2/3 Medium Stone Gray plate, four Medium Stone Gray narrow rims, and one 1x2 Silver Metallic grille.


  • This polybag was released as a promotional giveaway in Issue 13 of 2021's edition of LEGO Explorer.

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