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11953 Gecko is a Creator polybag that was released as a promotional exclusive on August 11, 2021.


The polybag includes three Dark Stone Gray 1x2 plates with balls, two Dark Stone Gray 1x2 plates with balls and ball holders, two 1x1 Dark Orange angle plates, four Green 1x4 swivel plates, two Medium Stone Gray 1x2 plates with ball holders, one Medium Stone Gray 1x2 plate with ball holder, two Bright Green 1x1 plates, two Bright Green 1x2 plates, two 1x2 Bright Green plates with bows, four Bright Green 1x3 curved slopes, three Bright Green 1x2 tiles, two 2x3 Tan plates, four Tan 3x3 cross plates, one 1x2 Tan plate with knob, one 2x2 Tan plate with holes, and three eye tiles.


  • This polybag was included with the issue 11 of the German version of LEGO Explorer.

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