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11954 UFO is a Creator polybag that was released on June 9, 2021 as a promotional giveaway.


The polybag includes two 2x2 Black round plates, two 1x2 Black plates with holders, one Black 2x2 plate with knobs, one 1x1 Bright Light Yellow angular tile, three 1x2 Coral plates, three 1x1 Coral roof tiles, four 2x2 Coral curved macaronis, four Dark Bluish Gray mechanical arms, four 4x4 Dark Bluish Gray round corners, one Dark Bluish Gray 1x2 plate with ladder, one Silver 2x2 plate with octagonal handles, two 1x2 Silver grilles, one Gray 6x6 round plate, two 1x2 Gray plates with knobs, one 2x2 Gray plate with knob, two Magenta cattle horns, one Trans-neon green 2x2 radar dish, two Trans-neon green studs, one Transparent White 4x4 canopy, two eye tiles, and five Yellowish Green studs.


  • The polybag was released as a giveaway in some versions of Issue 9 of LEGO Explorer.

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