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11955 Lion is a Creator polybag that was released as a promotional giveaway on February 10, 2021.


The polybag includes two Dark Turquoise 1x1 half circle tiles, two 1x1 Bright Orange bricks with knobs, two Dark Gray mechanical arms, two 1x2 Green plates, two Bright Red bricks with knobs, five New Dark Red 1x1 rounded tiles with handles, five 1x2 New Dark Red plates with rocks, four 1x2 New Dark Red sloped bricks, two 1x2 New Dark Red curved slopes, three Light Yellow 1x2 bricks, three Light Yellow 1x2 plates, four 2x2 Light Yellow plates, one 2x6 Light Yellow plate, one 1x2 Light Yellow plate with handles, one 2x2 Light Yellow plate with raised knobs, one 1x2 Light Yellow slope, two 1x4 Light Yellow sloped brick, two 1x3 Light Yellow inverted slopes, two 2x2 Light Yellow inverted slopes, one 1x2 White tile with knob, and three eye tiles.


  • The polybag is included with Issue 5 of LEGO Explorer.

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