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1195 Life on Mars Polybag, also known as 1195 Alien Encounter, is a Life on Mars set released in 2001. The set contains one Astronaut, the Assistant, and one Martian figure, Vega, each driving their own space vehicle.


This polybag is a small promotional Life on Mars set. It is made up of two vehicles, one piloted by an astronaut, and one by a Martian. The Martian vehicle is slightly larger than the other, able to fly by using a large propeller. It also features two lasers on the front, and is mostly one of two shades of green. The astronaut vehicle is a two-wheeled machine with large, rugged wheels. It also carries a laser.


  • This is the only set in the Life on Mars theme to include both Astronauts and Martians. All other sets include either Astronauts or Martians exclusively, without the opposite race.

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