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132 Cottage is a Fabuland-themed set released in 1979. It contains 115 pieces including two Fabuland Figures, Cathy Cat and Morty Mouse.


A two story yellow cottage with a red staircase leading from the outside to the second story is the major feature of this set. There's a red curved door at the bottom floor with two circle windows on each side of it, under each of the windows are stickers of flowers. Above the window on the left there's a balcony with blue fencing for safety, on the balcony there's a blue umbrella, connected to a red table, beside a red door. Above the window on the left there's another window with a unique flower sticker under that, above it there's a blue roof with a red chimney. Also included is a green tree with some holes in it, and a red table with red chairs. The set includes two Fabuland Figures;

Morty Mouse has a grey mouse head, with white teeth, a grey nose with black whiskers, huge ears and a bit of hair, his eyes are black with two white pupils. He has a blue torso with black arms and black legs.

Cathy Cat has a white cat head, with a black nose and black whiskers, pointy ears, a bit of hair, black eyes with white pupils and eyelashes. She has a grey neck, white torso with red arms and legs.


Cathy Cat and Morty Mouse have fun in their cottage.


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