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137 Hospital is a Fabuland-themed set released in 1979. It includes three Fabuland Figures: Charlie Cat, Dr. Dog, and Lucy Lamb. It contains 109 pieces.


The hospital is a large red colored building with yellow roofs and a blue chimney. It features opening white doors and windows, a yellow staircase which leads up to a balcony with furniture. It also features an ambulance.

Television Series

In Edward and Friends, Lucy Lamb worked in the hospital as a nurse, and Dr. Dog as a receptionist. In Edward and the big balloon, Bonnie stayed here as she had a cold. Max, Edward and Joe Crow cheered her up and she was allowed to go out of hospital in Catherine's Cake, but Lucy Lamb reminded her not to touch anyone.


  • This set is the same as 347 Doc David's Hospital, but this iteration has eight extra parts.
  • The doors and windows can only be found in the Fabuland theme.

Fabuland Figures Included

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