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"Hup, Hup, Hup!"
―Huki several times in Mata Nui Online Game

1388 Huki is an 8 piece BIONICLE set released in September 2001 sold with a McDonald's Happy Meal.


The set came with several pieces that could be used to build Huki. It also included a disc which Huki could fire by having his arm pulled back and released. Later in the BIONICLE series he was released as a Toa Inika and Toa Mahri.


  • Five other similar sets were also released with Happy Meals. The other sets were 1389 Onepu, 1390 Maku, 1391 Jala, 1392 Kongu, 1393 Matoro.
  • He has the same mask as 8531 Pohatu.
  • Huki wears a powerless Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed.
  • This set was also one of twelve sets given away free in C1000 supermarkets in Holland in 2003, that's why it comes in two packaging variants.


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