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138 Electronic Train is a set released in 1969. It includes the following parts.

  • A black motor
  • A black holder for 3 1.5V batteries
  • A white microphone block
  • A transparent block containing a circuit board with electronics
  • Two cables with colour-coded plugs
  • A plate with a hole fitting around the motor
  • Various bricks, wheels and couplings
  • A whistle

It contains a total of 107 pieces. When everything is put together and connected correctly, you get a locomotive with tender. When you blow the whistle or make another loud noise (e.g., clapping your hands) the train starts, and can be commanded by sound to go forward or reverse. Another loud noise will make it stop.


  • This set is the same as set 118 Electronic Train except this version can go forward and reverse, while set 118 can only go forward.
  • This version has eight more pieces than the earlier release.