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140 Town Hall is a Fabuland-themed set released in 1979. It includes three Fabuland Figures, Fabuland Figure Bulldog 1, Freddy Fox, and Lionel Lion. It is the same set as 350 Town Hall with Leonard Lion & Friends. It contains 135 pieces.


The set's main feature is a three story Town Hall, with police and fire stations on the ground floor. Also included are a fire truck and police car.

The Town Hall is a yellow building with three floors, each less wide than the one below it. The first floor has red doors which are curved at the top in the front and blue windows to the side and around the right corner. Above one of the windows in the front are words reading "FIRE STATION". On the left side is a red staircase leading up onto the second floor.

On the second floor is a terrace to the left with a blue umbrella, patio table, and seats. There are walls to the right with two more blue windows in the front and one on the side.

The top of the building features a balcony and a doorless passage to it. The balcony is surrounded by red fencing and has more yellow walls to the sides. The passage is blue and has a clock above it. Further above the clock is a red roof.

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