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1499 Twin Starfire is a LEGO Classic Space set released in 1987. It contains 85 pieces, building a spaceship and two astronauts. It was also part of 1510 Unnamed Bonus Pack.


The space ship features dual cockpits, large enough to fit one minifigure each. On the back end are three small rockets.

Both of the minifigures included are Classic Space Yellow astronauts.


  • This was one of the last sets of Classic Space and its release coincided with the introduction of Futuron. The vessels colorscheme echoes the transition from the blue of Classic Space to the white/transparent-blue of Futuron.
  • The only other sets that contained the 4x4 wedge with the Clasic Space logo were 6783 Sonar Transmitting Cruiser and 1510 Unnamed Bonus Pack.
  • This set did not appear in any catalogues.

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