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151 Curved Track is a Trains set released in 1966.


During it's long production run, the set underwent several changes. From 1966-74 this set contained 8 blue inner curve rails, 8 blue outer curve rails and 9 white 2x8 cross ties. This set was remodeled in 1973 with 8 blue inner curve rails, 8 blue outer curve rails, 2 blue straight rails, and 10 white 2x8 cross ties. Earlier packs contained white 2x8 plates made of the earlier (1955–62) plastic mix that was used for regular large plates. Later packs contained ABS 2x8 white plates.


The set was produced from 1966-1976. From 1966-72 it was sold in all countries. But from 1973–76, it was only sold in continental Europe, Britain, Australia and Canada. This set was replaced by 157 Curved Rails with Sleepers in 1976.

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