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1555 Santa Claus is a Seasonal set released in 1986. It contains 19 pieces.


Santa's feet are made of a single black sloped brick. His body is mostly made of red, white, and black plates, with the exception of a single 2X2 red brick near his middle. His arms are made of single 1X1 red plates, with white ones representing hands. The arms are attached into the rest of the body by means of sloped bricks representing shoulders. Santa's beard is made out of a white version of the black sloped brick used for the feet, and he has a face composed of a single brick- a yellow 1X2 with three dots printed on it- two black ones for eyes, and one black one for the mouth. He has a hat made of two red sloped bricks of different sorts placed one in front of the other.


  • This set had a limited release; Holland, New Zealand, Norway and UK LEGO Club.
  • Dating from 1986, this is one of the older iterations of Santa Claus in LEGO form.

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