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1584 Knight's Challenge is a Castle set that was released in 1988. It depicts a jousting tournament and contains an audience stand, a weapons rack, a tapped keg, two horses and eight Minifigures, including two mounted knights and a damsel. The featured knights belong to the Crusaders and the Black Knights.

This set is identical to 6060 Knight's Challenge which was released one year later (1989), and was not available in Europe.


1988's Knight's Challenge set has an above-average parts-to-mini-figure ratio. The set, which depicts a festive jousting tournament and spectators in and around a colourful pavilion, has merely 160 pieces, yet features eight mini-figures, including two knights on horseback, two guards, and two seated spectators from the Crusaders and Black Knights factions. A lady in a tall hat occupies the seat of honor, and a lesser spectator lingers nearby. The scene also includes a rack full of weaponry and a tapped keg on a pedestal with three mugs and two goblets for toasting the victor.


  • Together with 6060, this is the only set that contains both Crusaders and Black Knights.
  • The red corner wall panels were only available here and in 6060. Other rare parts included the white octagonal panels, which appeared in just four sets.

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