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1590 ANWB Breakdown Assistance is a Promotional Town set released in 1982. ANWB stands for "Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond". While it translates into English as "General Dutch Cyclists Association" it is officially known in English as "The Royal Dutch Touring Club". It is similar to the various Automobile Associations seen around the English speaking world. The set ist similar to 1589 TCS Promotional Set: TCS Shop.


The set is built on two baseplates; A curved road and a T-intersection road. Both are 32 x 32 and grey.

Three vehicles are included as well, a large yellow tow-truck, a red car, and a yellow car (slightly larger than the red car). The person minifigure appears to drive the red car, while the officers drive the truck and other car.

In the top right corner of the set is a repair shop, where several tools are stored. Also included is a telephone booth.


  • On the doors of all of the yellow vehicles was printing that read AWNB, and on the telephone booth windows and the repair shop's sign, the same printing appears. The printing on the top of the booth however reads telefoon (the Dutch for "Telephone"). The large sign on the workshop reads "WEGENWACHT" which translates as "breakdown service" or "roadside assistance".

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