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1621 Lunar MPV Vehicle is a Futuron set released in 1990. It contains a wheeled ground vehicle, a robot and a blue Futuron astronaut. Included are 102 pieces.


The Lunar MPV vehicle is a medium-sized Futuron set. It is a one-man white and black vehicle. To steer the vehicle there are two hinges which allow the front part to turn left or right. The Lunar MPV Vehicle carries a radio and another tool which could serve multiple purposes. It has a few lights, a satellite dish, and 2 radio antennae. In the back are rockets or rocket boosters. Also included is a robot. It has an antenna on the top of it's head and two hands.


The people of Futuron, attacked by the people of Blacktron, used vehicles armed with weapons to fight them off.


  • The vehicle could be steered by tilting a block on the aft section to the left or right.
  • This set did not appear in any catalogs. Together with 1620 Astro Dart it was included in 1616 Space Combi-Pack.

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