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1682 Space Shuttle is a Town Airport set released in 1990. It contains 392 pieces to construct a space shuttle with an external tank and booster rockets, and a launch pad with launch tower and a small transport vehicle. It includes three minifigures: an astronaut and two technicians.


The set is LEGO's first model of a space shuttle and its launch pad. The launch tower had a crane on its top and a hinged docking port at its side that could be positioned on the shuttle's cargo bay.

The shuttle itself has a robot-arm and a small satellite inside. It was labeled with US-flags and the text "United States" on its wings and fuselage while the ground vehicle featured the NASA logo.


  • The red lattice pillars that make up the tower made their first appearance in this set and were otherwise very rare pieces that appeared in only six other sets.
  • This was the first LEGO set that involved the NASA and also the last one until the introduction of Discovery in 2003. Other Town sets with space shuttles featured fictional space agencies.
  • A similar set is 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad released in 1995 and 6346 Shuttle Launching Crew from 1992 included a shuttle that is similar in design to the one in this set.
  • This set did not appear in European catalogs.

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