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This article is about the Ice Planet 2002 set. For the BIONICLE set, see 1704 Pen Pack Onua.

1704 Ice Enlarger (also called Ice Planet Snow Grader) is an Ice Planet 2002 set released as part of 1722 Unnamed Rescue/Ice Planet value pack in 1994. The set was only available in this Bonus Pack and had no official name. It contains a six-wheeled ground vehicle with Commander Cold.


The vehicle carries a detachable antenna module at its aft, similar to 6834 Celestial Sled and 6879 Blizzard Baron. The astronaut's equipment comprises a transparent orange chainsaw, a loudhailer and skis.

The only other set that contained the plow with the Ice Planet logo was 6983 Ice Station Odyssey (as radar antenna).

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