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The 1737 Scorpion Detector is a set of a six-wheeled vehicle used by the Exploriens. The vehicle can be manned by two minifigures—one in the front as a pilot and the other on the back with a large rotatable turret. Included are two Explorien minfigures, with different helmets. It has 197 pieces.


The Scorpion Detector is made up of two parts, a main vehicle and trailer. The first vehicle is where the pilot is. It has two arms, one with 2 sensors and one with a magnet. On front is a scanner. Attached to the arms are handheld scanners, but they could also be lasers. The front vehicle also has 2 antennae and a solar panel. The trailer has thrusters in back, and a rotating laser cannon which requires a pilot to operate. It is powered by objects put into a small compartment, which can be opened up. The cannon can also be rotated up and down.


  • This set is the same as the 6938 Scorpion Detector but was only available in the US in early 1996. Both sets had identical instruction booklets that were printed with both set numbers.
  • There is a tile in this set which shows up differently under different transparent parts.

Minfigures Included

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