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1775 Aircraft (also known as 1775 Jet and Tower) is a promotional Town set released in 1994. It contains an airplane, a control tower and three minifigures, including a pilot, a passenger and a control tower operator.


  • The included airplane features the same nose and cockpit design as the airliner included in 6597 Century Skyway. The plane's interior could be accessed by tilting up the roof and a part of the left side and contains one passenger seat and a table with a transparent goblet.
  • The tower contains a radar screen and two keyboards.
  • The logos on the stabilizer fin is the same as in the sets 1774 Aircraft and 1818 Aircraft (Airlines).
  • This set, like many Town airplane sets, only has room for two-three minifigures.
  • Promotional release with TWA and Qantas airlines.
  • Also available in the US from LEGO Shop at Home.

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6395 VIP Box

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