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1782 Discovery Station is a Divers set released in 1997. It contains an offshore research station, a submersible, a helicopter, a rubber dinghy, a small patch of seafloor, several animals, a skeleton and four minifigures.

This set did not appear in any catalogs. The LEGO Shop at Home catalog from January 1998 lists this set as "now available." [1]


The research platform is built onto a 16x32 baseplate and contains a large room with a docking pad for the sub in front of it. On the top level are a helipad and a rotatable level luffing crane for hoisting the submersible. The single room on the main level contains an x-ray machine and a control terminal with a radar screen and a monitor on 2x2 slopes.

The miniature submarine is equipped with four articulated robot arms and has two storage boxes on its side. Its interior has only enough room for the pilot, but behind the cockpit is a small storage space for diving equipment. The included helicopter is equipped with a winch.

On the seafloor is a small rockscape with a small cave where a shark can hide. This structure contains a rubberband mechanism that flings out the shark when a 2x2 tile is pulled out.

Among the included animals are a monkey and a parrot, as well as several sea creatures, such as a white shark, a sawfish, a dolphin and manta ray.

Of the included minifigures, one is by default equipped with diving gear, but additional diving gear for another minifigure is included, as is an optional basecap for the diver. Accessories comprise a yellow camera, an underwater scooter and a harpoon gun.


  • The x-ray device is identical to ones included in 6441 Deep Reef Refuge and 6559 Deep Sea Bounty. Just like these two other Divers sets, this one included three 2x2 plates printed with pictures of a seahorse, a scallop and an eel coloured in red and blue to achieve an "x-ray" effect when viewed under a blue colour filter. A similar feature was included in the Exploriens subtheme of LEGO Space.
  • The vehicles included in this set are labeled with the numbers "XR1" to "XR3", an unusual numbering scheme that deviates from the other Divers sets where the vessels were labeled with the three last digits of the respective set's number.
  • This is the only Divers set with a white submarine, all other sets included yellow ones.

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