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1786 Jailbreak Joe is a Town set released in 1995. It includes a black and white Police Helicopter, a Police criminal transporter, a Police motorcycle, a stolen car, and 4 minifigures.


The Police transport includes many open-and-close doors and compartments, including two small doors on the side, a small jail door which opened up on the back of the vehicle, and the top window, to insert the minifigure.


  • The design of the helicopter is similar to the one from 6515 Stunt Copter.
  • This set includes a couple of different Police vehicles, but only one car for the prisoner.
  • The jailbreaker is a typical convict with a mustache and a striped shirt with a numberplate, and also appears in 6598 Metro PD Station and 6398 Central Precinct HQ. His number is 23768. He was seen in the 1993 LEGO Town commercial under the name "Crazy Charlie".[1]
  • This set was only released in the U.S.


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