1787 Crater Cruiser

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1787 Crater Cruiser is a Unitron set released in 1995. The set includes a large ground vehicle, a small starship, and two astronauts.


The Crater Cruiser is the second smallest Unitron set. It is made up of two vehicles; a spaceship and a spaceship carrier. The spaceship can land on the carrier. The carrier is about twice as long as the spaceship. It has two lasers in front, and a satellite dish, 2 radio transmitters, and two thrusters in back. The satellite dish can also be a hyperlaser. The satellite dish can be raised up. The spaceship has a large booster rocket in back and has two lasers. It is piloted by one astronaut. The overall colour scheme is a mix of Trans Blue, Black, Old Gray, and Trans Neon Green.


The militant members of Unitron use powerful spaceships to defend themselves from the forces of Spyrius.

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