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1793 Space Station Zenon is a Space set released under the Unitron subtheme in 1995. It contains a surface base with a gun turret, a wheeled ground vehicle, a small spacecraft and three Unitron astronauts. This was the second largest Unitron set and was only released in America.

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Space Station Zenon is built onto a baseplate and consists of a command center under a blue quarter dome piece as well as rotating energy racks or guns and a laser turret. In addition, there are "mountainside" pieces which house rotating rocket launchers.

The vehicles are a spaceship and a ground vehicle. The land vehicle has twin lasers as weapons and is piloted by a Unitron member. The spaceship, also a one-man vehicle, is about the same size as the ground vehicle. It's weapons are twin lasers. The translucent pieces in this set are mostly coloured trans-darkblue and trans-brightgreen. The other pieces are a mixture of blue, black, and gray.

Defending the base are a land vehicle, a laser turret, and a spaceship. The laser turret rotates and angles up and down, and is piloted by one minifigure. The other two ships are one-man vehicles with lasers. They are all blue and light gray, with bright trans green lasers and dark trans blue cockpits.

Among the three included minifigures is a Unitron boss character. He is does not pilot a vehicle, but stays inside a corner of the base, and watches through a large transparent dark blue piece.


This is the base of the Unitron team, a militaristic civilian group. They fight the members of Spyrius, and their role replaced that of the Space Police II in their fight against the Blacktron Future Generation.

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  • 1793 has "mountainside" pieces which conceal rotating stands, most likely carrying weapons.

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